Product Information

Astra Zeneca COVID-19 Vaccine - product monograph

Health Canada has reviewed the manufacturing information for these vaccines and found them to be comparable.


  • Individuals 18 year and older


  • 2x 0.5 ml doses given IM (preferably deltoid)
  • The 2nd dose should be given between 4 and 12 weeks after the 1st 
    • NOTE: As of March 3, 2021, NACI recommends that in the context of limited COVID-19 vaccine supply, jurisdictions should maximize the number of individuals benefiting from the first dose of vaccine by extending the interval for the second dose of vaccine to 4 months. This recommendation is subject to revision as evidence evolves.

Adverse Effects

Only short to medium term data are available at this time. Surveillance will continue for long-term adverse effects.

The most commonly reported adverse effects included:  

  • injection site tenderness
  • injection site pain
  • fatigue
  • headache
  • myalgia
  • malaise
  • pyrexia
  • chills
  • arthralgia
  • nausea

Drug Interactions

  • There are no known drug interactions. 


  • Under 18 years of age
    • The AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine is approved for use in persons 18 years of age and older.
  • History of anaphylaxis following previous dose of the vaccine.
  • Reported hypersensitivity to one of the ingredients. See product monograph for ingredients. 
  • Other information will be added as it becomes available from NACI.
  • Currently feeling unwell with symptoms that could be COVID-19.
    • to avoid confusion if symptoms arise/worsen as they could be adverse effects of the vaccine or because of the underlying infection
    • to prevent potential transmission to others who are at the vaccine clinic/site (clients should be following public health quarantine recommendations)
  • Serious adverse or allergic reaction to previous dose of COVID-19 vaccine unless determined safe by an allergist or other healthcare provider.

Other information will be added as it becomes available from NACI.

Current Infection

  • Clients with current infection should not present for vaccination to prevent transmission to others at the vaccination clinic/site and should follow public health quarantine recommendations.

Past Infection

  • If acute symptoms have resolved and all quarantine orders have been followed, the client can be vaccinated.
    • However, the recommendation is for clients to wait 3 months to take advantage of the client's natural immunity and to leave the current supply of vaccine for others without immunity.
    • Trial included <10% participants with COVID-19 infection proven by serology.
At this time, NACI is recommending: 
  • The COVID-19 vaccines should be administered at least 14 days AFTER any other vaccines (live or inactivated).
  • Other vaccines should be avoided for 28 days AFTER receiving the last COVID-19 vaccine dose.
  • Exception: If a patient requires a vaccination as part of a post-exposure prophylaxis protocol, it should be administered. 
There are no data available on the interchangeability of AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine with other COVID-19 vaccines to complete the vaccination series. Individuals who have received one dose of AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine should receive a second dose of AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine to complete the vaccination series.