The medSask newsletter is a monthly publication curated for pharmacists in Saskatchewan. Through our newsletter, we highlight information and resources to support pharmacists through practice changes, minor ailment prescribing, and drug shortages. The newsletter also includes frequently asked questions we receive through our health care professional line.
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Recent Editions

December 22, 2022: Biosimilars and Drug Shortages

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  • Drug shortage updates: spironolactone, Estrogel® and antibiotic suspensions
  • COVID-19 fall/winter booster program: updates to eligibility based on date of last dose
  • Saskatchewan Biosimilars Initiative: biosimilar bookmarks
  • Influenza prescribing guidelines: 8 minute video summarizing key points for antiviral prescribing
  • From the medSask database
    • Carmen’s Resource Share: LactMed
    • Holiday hours
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December 9th: medSask Special Edition: Influenza

  • Oseltamivir Availability: update on supply and alternative administration
  • Managing influenza symptoms at home 
  • Co-infection: COVID-19? Influenza? or Both?
  • How to use the Relenza (zanamivir) Diskhaler
  • Key Points & Highlights from the Influenza Minor Ailment Guidelines

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November 30th: Drug Shortages and Biosimilars

This edition of the newsletter covers the following content:

  • Professional Practice
    • medSask drug shortage resources: amoxicillin, propranolol, Twinrix®Jr. and spironolactone
    • Using adult pain and fever medication in children and adolescents
    • Paxlovid™ expiry extension - UPDATED infographic to communicate adjusted expiry
  • The Saskatchewan Biosimilars Initiative
  • From the medSask database
    • Ozempic® for weight loss?
    • Kerrie’s Resource Share: Canadian Immunization Guide (CIG)
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October 28th: Acetaminophen Shortage and Paxlovid

This edition of the newsletter covers the following content:

  • Bivalent COVID-19 vaccines currently available in Saskatchewan 
    • Assessing for bivalent vaccine eligibility & confirming valid primary series 
  • Options for influenza vaccine in 65+
  • The Saskatchewan Biosimilars Initiative 
  • Updating your Paxlovid™ prescribing/dispensing status with DPEBB
  • Providing FREE take home naloxone kits within your pharmacy or practice site
  • Acetaminophen Shortage Infographic QR Code Update 
  • Translation services for medSask callers 
  • From the medSask database 
    • Changes to Prevnar®13 availability – Update
    • Dorothy's resource share: Canadian ADHD Practice Guidelines

October 17th: Special Edition on Acetaminophen Shortage

This is a special edition of the medSask newsletter highlighting the Acetaminophen shortage and what pharmacists can and cannot do to manage the shortage. This edition of the newsletter covers the following content:

  • Can pharmacists provide compounded acetaminophen suspension?
  • Signage for your pharmacy (education for the general public)
  • Offering alternatives to acetaminophen
  • Key information about prescribing, compounding, and dispensing acetaminophen suspension.

September 29th: Spikevax™ and Influenza Resources

This edition of the newsletter covers the following content:
  • Moderna Spikevax™ Bivalent as a booster dose in Saskatchewan
  • Optimizing a vaccination appointment: giving COVID-19 booster dose with influenza vaccine 
  • Influenza immunization resources
  • Navigating the acetaminophen shortage 
  • From the medSask database: Prevnar 20™ and doxepin for itch 
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