What We Do

Any healthcare professional in Saskatchewan can call, email or text medSask to receive on-demand, accurate and reliable medication information. We provide consultation services for healthcare professionals on all aspects of drug therapy, including:

  • Drug of choice for a specific patient
  • Off-label drug usage
  • Dosage and administration
  • Adverse reactions and monitoring
  • Drug interactions

We also keep healthcare providers up-to-date with current drugs news, shortages, and recalls.

Pharmacists, doctors, dentists, nurses or any healthcare professional can use medSask. Our services are ideal for those who:

  • Are working alone or in remote areas needing professional support
  • Don’t have access to the most up-to-date databases and resources
  • Are facing novel medication-related clinical situations
  • Don’t have time to research new medications or drug-recalls
  • Are simply wanting to spend more time with their patients

Our staff is a team of licensed pharmacists with access to the most comprehensive drug resources and databases. We’ll extract, summarize and interpret research to aid in patient specific, clinical situations.

medSask is free of charge for all healthcare professionals.  All questions are completely confidential, and you can expect a response within 1 business day (often within 4 hours).

Medication queries can be made 365 days a year by:

  • Calling 1-800-667-3425 or 306-966-6340 in Saskatoon,
  • Text at (306) 260-3554
  • Through our question submission form
  • By email at med.sask@usask.ca